We will send you a "cremation retrieval kit" that includes a plastic scoop marked to measure the correct amount of ashes and a metal tin to contain the ashes. The kit also includes a prepaid padded return envelope so you just have to drop it in a mailbox at your convenience. You will have a tracking number on the return envelope so you can have peace of mind and track the ashes on their journey to Gravity Glass Studio’s secure PO Box. We will notify you when we retrieve the ashes. Please allow up to two weeks for Sarah to complete your order. We will notify you and give you a tracking number when we ship the completed piece along with the unused ashes (We always ask for a little more than actually needed just in case). We do offer payment plans upon request. If you are interested in a payment plan please contact us. (Note that if you pay with a payment plan your completed piece will not be shipped back until the balance is fully paid).

How This Works

A ball of molten glass is rolled through your loved ones ashes, then artist Sarah Powell skillfully layers more glass on top of the remains to encase them safely inside of the piece. Gases release from the ashes when exposed to the extremely hot flame of the torch but they get trapped inside of the glass forming tiny bubbles literally capturing your loved ones essence. We call these bubbles "essence bubbles." Sarah then applies the color and forms the desired shape to honor your loved one with a piece as unique as them.


The Process