Memorialize your loved one inside of a handcrafted piece of glass art that you can keep forever and close to your heart. These reactive colors create truly unique pieces of art. Each color reacts with the flame of the torch and the heat of the kiln creating unpredictable color variations.


Reactive blue produces light and dark blues that range from a brilliant sapphire blue to a more washed out steel blue.


Reactive green produces emerald and jade greens that can sometimes turn into dark olive and yellow greens.


Reactive black will create black mixed with purples, blues, and ambers. It is a total surprise how much of each color you'll get in the end.


Reactive red produces a range of light and dark reds sometimes even producing light pinks.


Reactive purple produces purples, pinks, and golds. It's a complete mystery as to how much of each color will show up.



After you decide on the shape and color(s) of the pendant, a cremation retrieval kit is shipped to you. The kit includes a disposable scoop, container, and pre-stamped padded return envelope with clear instructions for collecting and sending the proper amount of ashes. If you are in any way uncomfortable with collecting the ashes yourself you can ask the funeral home that performed your loved ones services for assistance. (Be sure to ask before you order.)



Molten glass is rolled through your loved ones ashes, then more glass is layered on top of the remains to encase them safely inside of the piece. Gases release from the ashes when exposed to the extremely hot flame of the torch, but they get trapped inside of the glass forming tiny bubbles literally capturing your loved ones essence. Then the desired color (or colors) are applied and the shape is formed honoring your loved one with a piece as unique as them.


Each pendant comes with a 24" aluminum ball chain, box, and velvet pouch.


Payment plans are available upon request at no additional charge, just send a message through the contact page that says you're interested in one.


If you would like to order more than one pendant please send a message before you place an order, we do offer volume discounts.


***Please allow for slight variance in overall shape, design, and color than what you see in the photos because each piece is handmade and this group of colors react unpredictably***


***Lead time for pendants is approximately 2 weeks upon receiving the ashes***

Reactive Cremation Keepsake Pendant