Let us honor your lost loved ones by incorporating their precious remains into a beautiful custom made glass pendant that you can keep close to your heart. Each pendant is handcrafted by experienced glass artist Sarah Powell with the utmost care throughout the entire process. Each pendant includes a 24" aluminum ball chain, small box, and velvet drawstring bag. Learn more about the process by clicking here.


***Because each pendant is handmade please allow for some variation in actual shape and design.***


Once you place your order we will send you a cremation collection kit that includes a plastic scoop, a metal collection tin, and a prepaid padded return envelope addressed to our glass studio. The kit also includes clear instructions for collecting the ashes. You will be notified when the ashes are received. Each order takes 2-4 weeks to complete upon receiving the ashes.


Glass can break. Accidents do happen. Should anything ever happen to your pendant Gravity Glass Studio will repair all damages (Labor and shipping costs apply). One very wonderful thing about glass is that it can always be remelted and reshaped.

(Members) Purple Heart Memorial Glass Pendant